Anonymous said: Is there any information on her artistic process? I would love I watch a time lapse or see some early sketches

Sorry, anon, but I can’t think of anything like this. There are definitely sketches/early versions of work out there if you Google around a bit, and Junko often posts work-in-progress updates to her Twitter. If anyone else knows of anything like what they’re requesting, please drop me a link and/or submit it.


SOL by Junko Mizuno


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Went to the Junko Mizuno exhibit with my friend at Gallery Nucleus. Here’s some of my favorites.

I especially liked the picture from July, the Japanese story of Tanabata.  My friends were also very curious of the story.  More can be read here: 

My version of the story always gets me in trouble, but it goes like this: A farmer saw a beautiful alien from the moon swimming in the river.  He stole her magical scarf (the scarf gave the alien powers to fly back to the moon).  The farmer took the alien captive, and succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome, falls in love with the farmer. The alien’s father finds out about the entire shenanigans and gives the farmer difficult trials to overcome.  He fails and the milky way river forms keeping the lovers apart.  The father took pity and figured out a way they can meet once a year on July 7th.     


Junko Mizuno


Junko Mizuno

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Junko Mizuno via Gallery Nucleus


Junko Mizuno via Gallery Nucleus

(Source: kidicarusiscrazy)

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milomilo said: Hey hello, I saw you had some problems understanding informations in French. I'm French and maybe I could help understand the links you were talking about ? Let me know if I can do something ! Have a nice day !

Thank you so much for volunteering! I don’t really have any links myself, but a lot of my followers have been asking for info on Ravina the Witch, and it’s hard for me to find any because I don’t really know French. If you know of any reviews or other sites that have info about the book, please feel free to translate them and send them over.

The only site I know is in this post: It’s the publisher’s web site, where you can purchase the book. I’m sure any info you could give us would be awesome! Thank you again!

mondaygirl said: Um, I'm not used to any notes, so noticed all of the ones from your repost of me admitting my Ravina splurge. There is actually a bunch of stuff online with previews in French. It looks ace and I've just one a post linking to it, but I don't know how to share that with you aside from a message!

Haha, yeah, I saw your post in the tags so I reblogged it. Thank you for all the new info! I reblogged that as well. :) A lot of people have been asking me for information on Ravina and I haven’t been able to find much since I don’t speak French. Thanks again!

Oh, and if you’d like to submit things in the future, there’s a link on the front page that says “Submit to FYJM!” Click that and it will let you submit a post.


Wow lots of reblogs of my spendthrift admission!

There are actually a tonnes of previews of the book up on the publishers site, right there to find from Google using some basic French, including a synopsis.

Here’s a link.

It looks proper good, which is why I got in my pre-order. One advantage from being in Europe over the US for a change!

Alcohol, magic, mishaps are mixed in a trash and baroque tale by the great mangaka Junko Mizuno.Orphan, Ravina grows up in a garbage dump with for only company, a horde of crows. But one day, her life changes… A witch gives to Ravina, just before dying, a mysterious magic wand. A new world opens to Ravina: Human’s world”

More info! Thanks @mondaygirl!